Welcome to Lusaka

After a trying morning of getting to Lusaka, our arrival was sweet.  We were dropped at Arcades (a large shopping complex) and headed to Mint, a restaurant specializing in wraps, salads, crepes, and coffee :).  YUM.

Our Lusaka hosts, Anna and Ben Winters, got in touch with us and came to pick us up.  Anna and Ben are a married couple who are running their new business, Akros.  Anna, originally from Flathead, and Ben moved to Lusaka from Ft. Collins… and the US part of their business is based in Wyoming!  We had met while I was in Lusaka in June, and they warmly opened their home to us upon our return.  They have rented a home complete with a staff and car for the year.  The house is huge — and the guest room is more like a master suite — bathroom, closets, bed, desk.  And wireless!

We settled in briefly at their place, but we had to take care of errands and getting Dustin’s travel plans settled.  (More on Dustin’s travel plans later — but suffice it to say that they were complicated!)  After running about six errands in a short amount of time, we came back to the house, showered (yeah for hot water!), and had a fabulous Indian meal around the fireplace in the living room.  What a fabulous welcome to Lusaka!

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  1. Cate says:

    Glad you got some respite from the more harrowing road trips. One just never knows what lies ahead regarding travel in Africa, eh?

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