Research Update

How is it going?  Better than expected.  People have been more than willing to open their doors and talk with me, allowing me to have 3 – 10 interviews with government officials and NGOs in each district.  This is excellent.

Less than excellent is that I hear that Malawi is a much more difficult country to do research in — and importantly get the proper approval.  So, Malawi has been dropped as a country, and my research is now a district and provincial comparison, which I hope is still good enough for my committee.  My chairs are in the loop, so I think that all is good on that front.

I have just plotted out the last half of the trip — Eastern Province and Lusaka with a diversion to Malawi to meet up with Dustin (yeah!)…

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2 Responses to Research Update

  1. Mama says:

    We are so happy that the two of you are together once again and enjoying your time in Africa.

  2. Patty Harrington says:

    Yeah…”together again”…LOVE IT!

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