Many of you know that my in-laws, Cate and Wayne, spent two and half years in Togo, West Africa, doing Peace Corps.  As a part of that experience, they coined the term “WAWA”: West Africa Wins Again.  WAWA is used whenever the circumstances were deemed uncontrollably out of your control — and usually that was with little understanding as to why that was.  Let me tell you, NAWA, EAWA, and now SAWA work equally well (covering the continent).  Here are some SAWA examples:
* On our way to the Lusaka bus station, our car breaks down.  We cannot find a lift, so I run to the nearest hotel.  We get a taxi and rush to the bus station.  The bus is then described as either already left (30 minutes early – yeah right), nonexistent, or broken.  Umm — so we get on a “different” bus 30 minutes after our departure is supposed to be.  SAWA.
* I request business cards from a young entrepreneurial fellow.  I come back the next day to proof them and find a multicolor (as in six), multifont in size and type (also six), with various lines shadowed, underlined, or bolded.  I request the changes: one font, one size, all black and to please text me the amount so that I can agree to it.  I get a text the next day stating that they are ready and to pick them up.  I do — and they are all black (yes!) but still three different fonts and sizes – and costing me $30 for 100!!  Incredible.  SAWA.
* I am craving a beer.  I reach in a grab a beer from the fridge.  It is coated with some sort of small bug which have created a nest amongst the beers and subsequently died, sticking to the bottle.  SAWA.
* After two and a half weeks of living in a tent, I splurge on a room.  That night, a mosquito is trapped in my net, I wake up to no water — not even hot water!, and my breakfast, supposedly ready at 7am so that I can make my 8am meeting, is served at 745am.  SAWA.

These are just a select few of my experiences in the first month — there are more and on a good day, they add flavor to the journey… on a bad day, they make me question my very existence!
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  1. Mama says:

    Happy SAWAing to you!

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