All Knowledge is Local

This is some sort of a spin on some famous political science work — and it is true here.  All knowledge is *incredibly* local.  For example, even when I was running in the very neighborhood where my backpackers was located in Livingstone, but I was one street off, no one knew where the mzungus stayed, where Jollyboys was, or even what direction to send me in.  This did not frustrate me (although I was nearing the end of 8 miles and CRAVING something to drink!) — it more informed my understanding that people know what is near to them, and that is what is most important.  The implications for this in terms of health care and implementing policy is hugely important: in order to have success, local leadership, family, and community must be brought on board.
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2 Responses to All Knowledge is Local

  1. Mama says:

    The universality of the ways we conceptualize our individual worlds and then make this knowledge into a global understanding of the world at large is truly amazing and joining.

  2. Patty Harrington says:

    Am loving your blog…so interesting!Today is immunization clinic @ public health, and between schedules, I’ve been sharing pics and blogging from you, Jules!You have more courage than I…glad it’s you with elephants, cats, crocodiles, etc. etc. (I have a feeling all in my family realize I am without courage these days!!!)Love ya

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