Birthdays in Africa

I have now spent three birthdays in Africa: my 21st on Zanzibar, my 26th in Uganda en route to Rwanda, and my 29th in Kazangula district in Zambia.  While the first couple where a bit more difficult, this one passed by easily…  maybe it is age or maybe I am exhausted, but either way, this one was not sad.

I started off my morning rushing to a meeting which never ended up happening…  and then hanging out at the Kazangula office, trying to make something out a bummer morning (which I ended doing — getting employment data!  Yay for cameras and taking pictures of documents!).  And, as I was about to leave and have some internet time, a group of about six employees asked me if I wanted to come along to 8 rural health care centers to deliver measles vaccines.  Um – YES!

This will be one for the books — 6 hours in a Land Cruiser (ABSOLUTELY required) and 3 hours of stops.  What an amazing experience…  Earlier in the week, I had spent the day at a different RHC and getting to see nine more was like the cherry on top of my ice cream :).  My driver called the roads an “African Massage.”  Hah.  I called it a car sickness inducing, sucker punch every five minutes (from the seat belt), dusty DUSTY dusty, crammed, amazing view of what is possible in rural health care.  I got to meet the workers in the centers, see how it is to deliver supplies (and the importance of cold-chain delivery), understand the challenges, and take the inherent beauty of the African Savannah.

Happy Birthday to me indeed.

I ended up around 830pm at night at my favorite Livingstone haunt, Olga’s for a cold beer, a WHOLE pizza, yummy chocolate dessert, and internet and phone connections.  Thanks for the birthday wishes — they meant a lot!

I headed back to my tent at 930pm as I had a 430am wake-up call to make the bus for my next destination, Monze.

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  1. Mama says:

    Well, the birthday wish circle is now complete. Wishes before, during and now after the big day. Happy birthday. :)

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