I arrived in Livingstone from Lusaka at the beginning of July.  The main purpose for going there was to get approval from the Provincial Health Office to do interviews at the District-level.  I expected to be there for less than a week and then to continue onto Kazangula District.  Kazangula is a the best district in the country in terms of malaria control and prevention.  Over the past decade or so, this district has seen its rates of malaria cases and deaths decrease significantly — more so than anywhere else.  And this is notable as it is also a relatively rural district.  So, I definitely wanted to spend some time with folks who worked there to understand what is and has been happening…

I was thinking that Kazangula District’s office would be in Kazangula town (sounds reasonable, right?), and I was starting off to Kazangula one morning with just a quick final stop at the Provincial Office in Livingstone.  And the folks at the PHO offered me a lift to the Kazangula office, which I thought was incredibly generous (at least a 45 minute drive!).  I accepted and settled in for the drive…  and that drive lasted five minutes!  The Kazangula District Health Office ended up being *in* Livingstone!!  What luck for me to find out on the morning that I was to go to Kazangula where the office was located!!

And, I couldn’t have been more pleased about this (Kazangula’s office being in Livingstone).  Kazangula is a border town, and that border is formed by the Chobe River.  Three countries can be seen from Kazangula town — Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia.  It is exactly as you expect a border town to be — loud, dirty, and feeling unstable/unsafe.  I was so, so glad to *not* have to be visiting this town!

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  1. Mama says:

    That Johnnie-on-the-spot, also known as dearest Cate, did not post, so, I thought that I would pick up the slack. It is so much fun to read what you have already told us on the phone. There is always a new detail or two or new insights. Keep up all the good work and the postings.

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