Ngumbo Road

Through IHME, Emmanuela arranged for the three of us to live near the Embassies (and 400 meters from the President of Zambia!).  It is quite safe and the most unlike any place in Africa I have been — a maid, hot running water, a spacious refrigerator, and wireless internet.  Here are the lavish digs…Front Gate

The numbers

Down the road

The other way

The kitchen

Eating space

Bed time

The bath

From outside

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2 Responses to Ngumbo Road

  1. sierra says:

    That place looks way better than my place here! Sure could use a maid. Glad to see you are settled for a minute and it is so nice. Wireless, whoot!


  2. Tara says:

    That looks awesome! And such beautiful trees! Do you walk places mostly or is there some sort of vehicle for you? How long will you be at this house?

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