Acronyms, acronyms — you seem to make the world go round

As I am here in Zambia, I will probably be writing about the IHME and UNZA.  Why?  Because they are the partner institutions on a project for which I am doing some work.  IHME — the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation — is affiliating with UNZA — the University of Zambia — to understand child mortality rates.  In the past 10 years or so, childhood mortality rates have been decreasing in Zambia, and many people are interested in whether or not it is because of the malaria interventions or due to some other cause.  The co-chair of my dissertation, Emmanuela Gakidou, is the Principal Investigator (PI) from the IHME (affiliated with the UW — University of Washington).  Because of her and this project, I received a fellowship to cover part of my costs here in Zambia.

IHME sent two of their post-bachelor fellows, Nancy Fullman and Matt Schneider, to do most of the work (I am helping when it fits in with my dissertation research).  Nancy, Matt, and I are roommates, and we are going around with folks from UNZA, meeting with Ministry of Health (MOH) people and other related folks to gain an understanding about malaria policies.  The IHME project is for three years, so Nancy and Matt are just getting things going here (they will be here for six weeks).  Nancy, Matt, and our colleagues at UNZA (Dr. Felix Masiye and Peter Hangoma) will also be doing district visits — but probably different districts than the ones I am visiting.  When I get back, my IHME contribution will be in assessing the districts that I went to and passing along that information to Emmanuela.

So – there you have it!  Some more alphabet soup — with some meaning attached :).

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